Technical- Product Designer to help finish consumer product design

Technical- Product Designer to help finish consumer product design


Job Description

I am a business person and have come up with an idea for a home organizational product. I have made a rough prototype that I am currently using and have a general outline of product features. I want to take the next step of having professional prototypes built out for consumer testing, and then I want to start talking to manufacturers.

However, not being a product designer I need help with finishing up the design specs and creating professional CAD models that I can send out to get quotes and/or have real prototypes made. I envision that this product will be made out of plastic (similar to iPhone cases) primarily but there are some other features that will require other materials. I can share more with NDA.

I am looking for someone who has experience with these types of materials and obviously, someone who is expert at the whole domain of manufacturing these types of products. My goal is to have a finished design spec and CAD models when we are done. I will be even happier if I get expert advice during this process and yes, I will pay for it.

I don't know how many hours this should cost, so I can be somewhat flexible in terms of budget but my hope is that this isn't a huge job. Additional work may result if this is successful. Also, for qualified candidates who execute an NDA, I will pay for a one hour consult to discuss the project, if necessary.