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Animation for Product Launch Website | ThinOptics


Job Description

Hi Animators,
We are looking for an accomplished product animator who can quickly create a short animated video for a web site.

Product: thin reading glasses and an iphone case (see picture below).

Objective: Show how thin, flexible, robust, and fun the product can be. The glasses ARE the main character.

Duration: 20-40 seconds

Use: product launch website

Just like: the pixar architect lamp video if we were selling these lamps

Moving elements: the glass bridge is completely flexible in all directions, the nose pads are somewhat flexible and can flex +/-15 degrees (flutter?).

3D objects available: we have the iphone/case and glasses in SolidWorks and can provide in any file format solid works can export. Physical objects also available.

Deliverable phase I: a slow and a fast sequence rendered to sound track each lasting 5 seconds.

Deliverable phase II: web ready animation.

Sound track: need to source a waltz such as the Blue Danube (open source, remix OK, simple version OK), a sound of a phone hitting the table, two objects drag past one another.

Background: infinite simple white with slight shadows from products.

Lighting: simple but dramatic

Story line:
-Pan case with glasses in it standing on the table
-Something hits the table (bang)
-Phone case rocks a bit and then falls flat on the table (bang)
-The music starts (not necessarily from beginning)
-Glasses pull out slowly (slight drag sound) and look around to see that no one is looking.
-Start to dance cautiously (can dance in flat (both lenses touch the table), or erect (one lens touches the table) - probably ought to decide which is better -and stick with that dance style.
-Build up to an exuberant dance in a few measures (drag it out as long as the build up is interesting)
-Leap high, twirl, etc. for final chord.
-Take a bow and giggle
-Sneak back into the case as Thinoptics logo appears lower left screen.
-Fade to white.

We'd like to start by sorting out the animators with previous animation work that is relevant to what we'd like as our final product. If you can start by sending us a portfolio link to only relevant projects that would be best.

To make sure that you've read the entire posting and to filter out spam, please begin your bid offer with "PINEAPPLES".


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