PHP REST API Programmer


Job Description

We are looking for a knowledgeable PHP programmer who is familiar with developing REST API's that use Sockets, MySQL, SSL/HTTPS and basic authentication.

Project Details
A REST API needs to be created that can integrate with a library ILS database using 3M's Standard Interchange Protocol v2 (SIP2). This REST API must work over SSL/HTTPS, and accept basic authentication before processing any commands. The API will need to be able to perform the following functions as described in the 3M Documentation:

Check Out
Check In
Patron Status Request
Session Login/LogOut
Block Patron
Patron Information
Fee Notification (payment confirmation from 3rd parties, i.e. eCommerce)
Item Information
Place Item Holds
Item Renewals

We would like to modify this existing project to meet our needs, with additional functionality as listed above.

We will provide specifications on how we would like the API to function and what data should be returned, as well as providing a testing ILS server and patron account. Please be able to meet twice weekly on Skype for updates.

3M Documentation for SIP2

Skills: apache, json