tech staff for a web hosting comapny

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Job Description

This job has a very wide field of responsites we will not provide training so you need to know how to use these systems and programs and be very good at it we do not tolerate laziness if we think you are being lazy we will fire you you must work hard if you do well you can become an official full time employee of MAH Software

This is stuff you must know and you will do while working with us

- You must know how to use Whmcs customize our site create modules to work with our products
- you will help design websites and online programs for our customers and for us
- you must be an expert with sever management and cpanel if there is a problem you need to identify it awnd know how to fix it
- you will manage company advertising accounts and you will also help customers who have hired us to manage there accounts and you will mange there accounts too
- you will also answer tech support questions and help with there problems
- you will help design a program for SEO management and

this last part is not reuired but if you can do it you have a higer chance of getting this job

can you help secure web sites encrypt them and design programs to remove virus's and defend ageist all attacks

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