Arduino Monitoring Project.

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I need a system to monitor how long our treatment stations have been running.

We have 12 treatment stations in our business.

Each station is running on 24 volt DC. Each station has a manual 60 minute timer. I would like to monitor all 12 stations from the front desk through our PC.
When the equipment is ON there will be a 24 volt being supplied to Arduino board. The treatment stations usually run for 60 mins.

I would like to have a web based interface. So we can have our browser open and seeing all the stations and the time they have been running. So if station 5 has been running for 39:26 i would like the web interface to tell me how many minutes/seconds its been running.

When the timer stops, it would be great to have the PC play a sound like STATION 3 COMPLETE--STATION 3 would keep playing through the speakers until we turn off the warning.

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