Video Production for marketing

Video Production for marketing


Job Description

Create a promotional video using voice overs and still photographs that will last 2-3 minutes with music in the background and graphics/text running over or through the screen to promote a tour of restaurants.

Images will be supplied and voice over files will be supplied unless scripts can be provided to you and you have a good voice over option that can be included in your quote.

Assume 20-30 images to be used as there will be a total of 15-20 participating restaurants and we want to promote about 5 neighborhoods as well where the restaurants are. Each will need to be represented during the video.

Some images will be used to promote the company and some will be used to show crowds and exciting city movement in the neighborhoods where the restaurants are.

We will need two truncated versions of this video that can be used in more traditional ways like 15 second and 30 second spots that could run on TV or in structured web ads with similar time limits. In these scenarios, smaller images of the many restaurants and neighborhoods can be combined into a few screens with lists running over possibly. We seek your creativity to accomplish this.

Must be in a deliverable format that does not consume too much bandwidth on mobile devices and can be viewed by all mobile devices. Aid in defining hosting of the video for easy viewing and social media distribution is desired as well.

Quote should include time estimate to complete and dollar amount charged to accomplish a completed quality delivery of the videos defined here and should be inclusive of all required license other extraneous expenses so that the quote is the only cost necessary to distribute the video.

Work is immediate and please don't quote if you cannot begin work immediately or have other jobs that will slow the delivery of this projects.

Ability to include copywriting for the voice overs as part of the quote is also desirable and please indicate if you can do either the copywriting, voice overs or both in your quote and if neither please also state this.

Provide quote in terms of hours, dollars per hour charged and total job. Once total job quote is provide you will be hired as a total project fixed cost. If work is required outside of the above defined scope that we ask for in addition to this project we will pay you based on your hourly rate defined in your proposal.

This is one project and we are likely to have 10-20 of these in the next three months.

Graphic Design, Voice Over, Animation, Motion Graphics, Copywriting and other skills are highly desirable so please state which of these you have that you feel are relevant. Please have examples of similar work easily accessible for us to review in your proposal.

Thank you for your effort to propose this to us for those of you that do! We appreciate your work as our potential partners and treat our suppliers as good as our customers.