Map Frontend and Splash screen for existing PHP web application

Map Frontend and Splash screen for existing PHP web application


Job Description


The Requirement is for a Map Frontend and Splash screen for existing PHP web application

We have a php web application that we need to publish to the web.

The app is used for members of the public to report faults on street lights. Its a fairly simple process and all of the SQL for updating the SQL server is already done in the existing PHP code and has been working for some time.

However, in the past, this app functioned as part of another website. The other website launched our php app/pages when the user clicked on a particular link. Our php was launched in one of two ways :

1) A simple URL. The PHP app was then launched which prompts the user to select their street, then select the light in the street and then choose the fault they want to report. Each selection is done on a separate web page

2) A GIS map (eg google maps) which allowed the web page user to find their street and then select the streetlight on the map (the map shows all the streetlights as points on the map). Then they click a link/button which opens the PHP app in a slightly different way by passing the unique number of the light to the application. The light has been identified so the PHP just opens on the page where the user selects a fault and presses OK.

• We need you to create the map page (probably using Google API) which will launch the php app map as described in point 2 above

• We also need a nice looking entry page/splash screen to greet the user.

Database Connection
The app updates a SQL server database. The connection info for the SQL server is held in a separate text file or connection file which the app calls when it needs to make a connection to the SQL Server database. Thus there is no connection information stored locally in the php pages.

However there are around 25 SQL server databases, one database holding the information for a particular city or area. The app should be able to connect to the correct database depending upon which city or area the user has selected on the map.

We don’t know of any work that needs doing on the PHP itself. However there could be a need for some modifications, also we are looking to establish a long term relationship with someone who will be able to manage and update this php app in the future.

If you feel it would be easier to completely re-write the php app with one of your own then that would be acceptable. The logic is fairly simple and the SQL statements to update SQL server already available in the existing code so they could be easily transplanted to another platform.

Look forward to hearing from you


Skills: internet-applications