Large Enterprise Restructure Team

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

A new customer of mine has a LARGE (15 Sites across 5 states) all on a flat network. There is an Comcast EPL (MPLS) link to 8 sites, point to point to 4 sites, and VPN IPsec tunnels to the rest.

I need to assemble a team of Technicians with the following Skill Sets:
Brocade Switches
Dell PowerConnect Switches (2800, 5400, 7000)
Vyatta (Brocade VRouter)
Asterisk PBX
VMWARE Vsphere (5.5) ESXI
Windows Server 2003, 2008 (R1,R2) 2012(R2) Including Terminal Server/Remote Application, Certificate Authorities, DNS, DHCP

This will be a low volume during ideas and troubleshooting then will grow as requirements are solidified and we start testing and implementation.

The more requirements that you can fill the more I will pay to the Technician. Please send me a cover letter with your Experience and What roles you can help fill. DO NOT SEND ME GENERIC. I will disqualify you right away.

Thanks. I look forward to working with the new team :)