Website Conversion Rate Optimization

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are doing a redesign of our site at, and have an experienced design and programming team leading the redesign, but would like to hire a Conversion Rate Optimization expert to work alongside them to provide expert advice and technical support to optimize our site, in order to help us increase both our lead generation and lead conversion rates.

The successful applicant will have advanced knowledge of Google Analytics, A/B testing, and other tools that will help us gain a deeper understanding of our site visitors and customers, and will monitor CRO experiments on an ongoing basis.

We have several automated marketing campaigns currently running, so help with optimizing our email drip campaigns would be quite useful as well.

We are willing to pay for top-notch support, and have a budget to also pay for any tools required (e.g. A/B testing software)

Please get the process started by:

1) Introducing yourself, your skillset, and experience.

2) Visiting our website at, and providing us with 3 suggestions for optimizing our site (please note: this isn't a cheap ploy to get free advice; we already know a lot about what is and isn't working on our site, but we're too busy with other projects to lead the CRO process, which is why we're looking to hire someone. This last question helps us assess your expertise.

3) Answering the additional questions outlined in the application process (mostly standard ODesk questions)

Please note: our website is built in Drupal and heavily based on templates, so it would be a great asset if you know how to run A/B tests for Drupal-based websites.

Please note: applicants that do not fulfill the requirements listed above will NOT be considered.