Looking for VAs

Looking for VAs


Job Description

I am looking to employ VAs to manage my business.

I want to hire you for long term. Along the way, I will teach you a thing or two about good copy writing, and business and marketing knowledge.

Agency are welcome because if you can give me a deal other than writing, like web design, web development, business services, etc. It will be awesome.

I will prefer to be able to easily engage you when I have work that needed to be done. So I want people who are willing to work on flexible hours.

Also you should not bug me for work, when I have work, I will assign accordingly.

Must be able to use Skype for communication and also use Google Apps. I will update your job assignment on Google Docs ahead of time when Im not free to keep you constantly updated

Start by posting "BANANA" to show that you read the job description.