Twilio API Developer

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are looking for an developer who know's the Twilio SMS API, PHP & HTML5/CSS3

The proposed application will be used internally as a data visualization app. The application will enable a 'user' to -

1. Send an SMS to a designated Twilio number. (India, USA, EU-5, Australia) via Twilio. The format of the SMS (eg: Name [Space] Address [Space] Category)

2. The 'app' will respond back by creating a mobile optimized page (a full template provided by us) based on the the format of the SMS above and SMSing that link back to the phone number.

Things provided by us:

1. A full master template of the page containing over 200 elements.
2. 12 Images (each is attributed to a category)
3. A Twilio account

Things you will need to do.

1) Integrate the Twilio SMS API
2) Create an admin area that allows the admin to add more images to each category.
3) Use only elements that are necessary from the master template to create that one page.

Payment Terms:

25% Advance. 25% upon front end completion. 25% upon backend (admin) completion. 25% upon code handover (via zip file).