Concept Art


Job Description

Dear Contractor:

The link below is an example of what we are trying to do for our company.
As you noticed the company who made this video is in Health Care industry; however we "Discount Lesson" are in teaching and tutoring industry, therefore the drawings should be subjected to education.

Job Description:
* The contractor is responsible for the full visual administration only on pages.
* The video and audio will be made by different people.
* The drawings should be based on the story provided to the contractor.
* The total number of drawings should be close to 25 pages

Recrueting Process:
The kind of art used for the concept is up to the artist. Please send me 2 samples of your work through ODesk showing the following concepts:

1. "a PROFESSIONAL teacher providing a high quality PRIVATE lesson
2. "an UNPROFESSIONAL teacher providing a low quality PRIVATE lesson

You can use any kind of art that you think is the best mach for it.
Once I can see the quality of your wok we can discuss the time period and the price that is fair for this job based on your work quality.
Our website which is under construction is:
You can see the color combination and choose the right color in your opinion for your samples. (The video after completion will go on the bottom right side of the home page)

Thank you

Majid Michael Hazby
Owner of Discount Lesson