Project Management Platform


Job Description

• Self Hosted
• Open Source (or a cheap license)
• Adaptable

Must have:
• Copy function OR Template Function (our projects are laid out the same each time)
• Private / Public Settings (some tasks are public, others private. So too the projects)
• Can handle multiple projects at a time
• Easy to use, the user has to feel comfortable

Ideally Customised
• Check boxes at task completion
o Post to Wiki (Private or Public)
o Create a forum / facebook / wordpress post about task completion - upon "check / uncheck" box
• Create a changelog from task notes
• Create a manual from wiki notes (this isn't necessary)
• To work with a bug tracking installation (such as Mantis, or suitable alternative)

We have previously used:

We would be open to new suggestions, as well as advice on the existing ones.

Skills: management, facebook