Android 4.0 finish off 2 parts to my app

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Need help to finish my personal project - i work with java/processing so under stand OOP and some native android syntax but moreso process for construction however i got stuck on something that is going to be fairly basic for a pro

Parse xml data feed (my own creation) into a listView on one activity.
In other activity match a parsed tag against a saved user preference to filter the xml into a listView (filtered list)
- Items from listView are onCLickListener displayed in a fragment which shows the full details from the parsed <item>
A custom LayoutInflator to display the item in listView - at minute i am using a rowlayout.xml and it needs more code customisation
(some kind of service system to auto update x times in an hour)

Part 2:
Create an sqlite db to enable the item to be copied and stored into an activity which lists in a listView the stored items
Each item can be viewed, deleted and emailed

A few other small things regarding time checking to display a certain image and notifications based on age of item in sqlite-db


From java experience etc i feel someone with great skill could easily code this up in a short time for some quick extra cash.

I have an eclipse project already - it uses activities and fragments - it is my first Android application and its not very well designed / organised however im short on both time and budget. Its not for Google Play store it is for my Students (i am a lecturer). It is well commented and currently uses dummy content data and i need to switch to use my xml feed that i have created online.

If it helps i have a working iOS version also for reference.

Please contact me with pricing and if needs be i can give more info. I had someone freelance offer to do this for me a few weeks ago and they have let me down. I need it for my Students who are back after Easter (2 weeks)


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