Championship Sports Ring Rendering

Championship Sports Ring Rendering


Job Description

I am looking for someone that can create "real" looking sports ring designs as the sample attached shows. These need to look real as an "actual" ring.

Sample attached. If you can do work like this, then please send me a message and a small sample, if its like what is attached, I will hire you.

Don't just send me a message saying your qualified, I can see that. I need to know if you can create this type of sports ring image I've attached, not interested in anything other than that. You can send a small quick sample so I can see that you can do what I am looking for. The job is open for hire to the first person I can see that can do what I need. We can keep you busy with many sports ring renders.

Take a look at this site below for some samples of some sports ring renders. This will give you an idea of what we are looking for, anything less is not going to work.

If you can do this type of render work, they great, we can most likely hire you immediately. If not, then that's OK.

Please send a sample that is very close to what the above website shows, if your sample is very similar, then we will not only hire you, but we will pay you for the time spent on the sample up to 5 hours. Keep in mind, that the quality must be very close to or equal to that of the above website sample sports ring renders.

Thank you.
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