Senior Debian Linux Administrator

Senior Debian Linux Administrator


Job Description

Configure Linux to boot directly into LXDE window system. Upon boot should load IceWeasel browser, full screen, no tabs visible, no url bar, no window frame, straight to a given page.

The user should be prevented from closing IceWeasel in any way. The user may not launch any other programs.

Only specific drivers should be installed. Insertion of a USB device should not cause the driver to automatically be loaded (the only that are ok are SD Card, USB Memory Stick, USB Hub). USB Memory sticks and SD Cards should be auto mounted - always to a specific location. Only one external storage device can be mounted at any one time.

The system needs to be secured, there are two categories of user:
Operative - very limited access
SuperAdmin - can only connect via SSH using a certificate, no way to login locally even with the correct password, certificate is always a must.

Drive contents should be encrypted to ensure that there is no way to get to the SuperAdmin files. However some SuperAdmin files are Python Script files that run at startup as a service. The source code must never be revealed in case of a security breach, but they must still be executable on startup - a solution must be found.

Secure means secure - no hacks like disabling Ctrl+C. The system needs to secure at the core.

All Logfiles needs to be set not to grow beyond a certain size.

Full instructions to achieve the above need to be provided.
One problem should be tackled at a time, giving regular feedback along the way.