Web research to find individuals social profile URL's/contact info

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I have a spreadsheet of names, location, age, and photo files of 1000 individuals.

I need the following information for each person listed in the spreadsheet:

1. Linkedin Profile URL
2. Facebook Profile URL
3. Other relevant Links(twitter, business websites, blogs, etc.)

This job will be research intensive and all information will NOT be available. You will encounter people that have only facebook profiles, others that have only linkedin profiles, and some that have no contact information available - if no contact information is found, move on to the next name.

Any direct contact information found would be helpful. If you find that John Smith is a doctor or runs a business and can find an email or phone number to his business, this would be helpful as well, and should be included in the "other links" section of the spreadsheet.

I have attached a detailed description of how the search process should be conducted for both Linkedin and Facebook - as well as examples of relevant links you may come across in the search process.

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