Website & Apps for IOS & Android


Job Description

This work will need you to make a website has the internal search function with graphic design for all the features. This will allow people to automaticly make a booking, when the booking has been made ,email will be able to send to service provider and clients. information will be added if it is available. will need to teach me how to add on more as well.

Application base on IOS and Android needs the function of location
gps integration ,
google map integration ,
super admin
webservice integration
admin can able to upload photos contents
user management
database connectivity ,

For Android app:
Java code using Eclipse. Build against Android 4.3 SDK with deployment target of 2.3 API.

For iOS app: - Iphone and Ipad
Objective C code using Xcode. Build against the iOS 7 SDK with deployment target of 5.0 API.

push notification ect.