measuring capacity CSM


Job Description

Project CSM1 rev1

Target: Writing C-code for measuring the capacity in the range of 10pF to 300pF with the method CSM for the micro controller PIC16F1937 from Microchip. The result should be displayed in a terminal program on the via UART connected PC and the project should be editable with the MPLAB or MPLABX IDE from Microchip.

Attachment: Similar code from the mTouch Developing kit from Microchip. The target can be reached also by using the attached code and reorganize and simplify it, so that it will fit exact to the target:
- excluding the unnecessary options from the code, for example using different compilers, different buttons, different processors, so that the code becomes more intelligible, etc.
- useful application notes: AN1101a, AN1102a, AN1103a, AN1104a download from Microchip,
- download also the UsersGuide number 41385F for mTouch Dev Kit from
- the used demo board is 02-02091-R5 with the controller PIC16F1937,
- useful is the file "mTouch Framework v.2.3 Documentation.chm" from

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