Voiceover Training company needs Mail Chimp Genius Asst.

Voiceover Training company needs Mail Chimp Genius Asst.


Job Description

The V.O. Dojo is living by it's first rule...
"Know what you want, ask for it, people will give it to you, if you allow."

I want help!

getting my Mail Chimp segmented and sequencing emails.
getting automatic sign ups and messages.
scheduling, writing and sending email updates
with scheduling and calendar tracking
with keeping track of billing
getting newsletters crafted
compiling and distributing lesson materials - scanning and posting to dropbox
getting info about and scheduling guest speakers

social media know how
tech savvy with audio and video programs and technologies a plus

if in person...other duties might include
live event support - time keeping, room/refreshment prep

Need to be mac based, have working computer, speak and write excellently in English, quick thinking person with a proactive problem solving personality.

Thinking probably 5 - 10 hours per week.

Officially launching 3 major offerings and beginning to work in LA, NY and Chicago...it is happening fast.

Please email your experience, areas of expertise, feed back score, availability and pay requirements.

Looking forward to allowing you to help me take the V.O. Dojo to the next level.

Love and light

Skills: training, billing, newsletters, english, video