Existing iPhone App Code Needs Changes

Existing iPhone App Code Needs Changes


Job Description

I have an iPhone/iOS app that has a paid "pro" version that has been in the App Store since December 2011. It needs to be updated. I would also like to use the same source code to create a free "lite" version of the app to encourage more downloads.

It is a job interview app called Mock Job Interview that was being sold for $1.99 USD. This is its description from my website:

Mock Job Interview is an iPhone application that works just like a real job interview: You are randomly shown 1 of 150 commonly asked interview questions. After each random question pops up on the screen, the iPhone’s built-in video camera immediately starts recording your response, offering the chance to evaluate your tone of voice, facial expressions, and how well you answer the questions — so be ready to answer just as would be expected in an actual job interview.

You never know which questions will be asked and no question is ever repeated in a single interview session. After 10 random questions have been answered and saved, the interview session can be saved and shared via Facebook or e-mail for an opportunity to receive valuable feedback from others on your job interview skills. Now you can easily know how you look to others and which areas you need to improve on.

Alternatively, you can save your interview sessions on your iPhone and evaluate yourself as you continue brushing up on your interview skills.


For the free "lite" version, I want there to be only 20 possible questions instead of 150. Also, each interview session will be only 1 question before saving. The source code from the paid version just needs to be copied and edited for this. The free version will also need to be set up to serve an iAd as soon as the user launches the app. Later, after they finish saving their interview question video response, it needs a popup asking if they want to purchase the paid version. Then another popup asking them to rate the app.

For the existing paid "pro" version, it needs a popup added asking them to rate the app.


For both the free and paid versions I need:

- iOS 7 update
- iPhone 4/4S & 5/S/C compatible (different screens)
- both submitted to Apple (obviously I pay the $99 developer fee)

Questions? Ask me.