An Android Java Class

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

This Android class will be part of an app that will transfer files via bluetooth. Since this is my first post it is also a way to get familar with oDesk and develop relationships. So here is the job...

Write an Android class object that breaks a file into 60 byte chunks, takes in a java.nio.ByteBuffer (which is the file), and upon instantiation stores:

1. A two dimensional byte array of file chunks in sequential order.
2. A byte array of checksums for each file chunk, for which the order should match the above two dimensional byte array of file chunks ( e.g. checksums[0] is the checksum for fileChunks[0] ).
3. And a byte array of the total file checksum.

Object class requirements:

1. There should be "getter" functions to retrieve the above values.
2. Use standard Android libraries compatible with Froyo (Android 2.2, API Level 8).
3. Include an added function for conversion of int's to Little Endian byte order.
4. If the file is less than 60 bytes it should it is treated as 1 "chunk" with appropriate checksums.

Successful completion of this test run will lead to more work as it is part of a bigger project that includes iOS and Windows apps, and desktop software. To be candid I'm looking to build a team and grow with them. So, after this test run I hope to offer more fun and interesting jobs. :)

If you have a preferred development methodology or particular way of working please include it in your application and share why you prefer it, and/or a brief description/story of the best project you've ever worked on.