Looking to join an ODesk Agency (London based)?


Job Description

Are you looking to join an odesk agency? I am creating an online web development as well as business adminstrative support agency with the aim of bidding for high value and long term work.

The agency is a London based company which will be bidding for work in UK and Europe.

All skill set are welcome to apply. Bidding for work on odesk and other similar online platforms will also be part of the job.

I am a British company owner with past experience managing businesses and providing sales and marketing expertise the large clients. I will be able to offer assistance and advice at any stage of your job bid and if needed I would be able to pick up the phone and speak to a potential client for you.

I am looking for professional and hard working individuals who are only satisfied when they provide a great service and who always seek to out perform client's expectation. The agency is being built on the strength of great customer service and great quality services.

Kind regards,