Website including Q&A platform

Website including Q&A platform


Job Description

I am looking forward to setting up a website that provides information and updates on business with Iran. I need to outsource the production of this website since it needs it to integrate some pages that I cannot make myself:
1. A Q&A platform by sector. I want people from each industry to be able to ask their questions as to what can be sold to Iran, what cannot be sold to Iran, how the payments can be made etc...etc...
I would like people to be able to set-up a profile in order to do so, much like in linkedin.
2. A page where academicians can post their articles (need to be validated by me prior to being downloadable/ viewable on the website)
3. A news page with current political and economic developments. The website will be impartial though. This page will provide impartial, factual information. I am not sure if I will have the time to write articles myself, any ideas?
4. A page that will introduce Iranian business associations around the world.

Furthermore, it will have some basic introductory pages, info regarding sanctions etc... I will write all these pages and provide the documentation.

I am looking for a highly technically skilled and English savvy person who can do this for me at a very reasonable price. Albeit quality is what matters the most, the cost will definitely determine who I will chose within those highly skilled persons. Please do not forget that this is a start-up by a recent graduate.

I would also like to be provided with a price for the subsequent maintenance of the website.

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