Lead Generation Website & Backend System


Job Description

Project Description:
I need a website and backend system built
It must be mobile responsive.The system both front and backend needs to be scalable easily for company growth.

Below I have listed a few of the requirements for this project.

The back end will have the data collected from the forms/questions and stored to the database.
and each data set is grouped based on the sponsor questions. The data will be sent
to the corresponding sponsors whose questions is clicked by the user with yes options.
The sending data will be using their api/post urls they provide.
Admin will have the options to export either by live feed ftp or csv/xls files.

• Software needs to be in encrypted in 128-bit encryption
• Admin users need to be able to login via a web interface
• Need to be able to track the statistics of each campaign
• Need to have the ability to create client profiles (company name, user name, email address, physical address, phone number, date they created account)
• Need to create a database that stores the lead information captured from the website
• Ability to put a cap on how many leads they receive per month
• tracking payments and amount owed on admin site

This is only a brief outline of the back-end requirements , so if you have experience in this i would like to hear from you

please forward your email address with a proposal.