Word game app

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

For this job you, must know unity and their scripts well. You will be using a unity word script to help you. You have to know C#, javascript, to make the game. And you also need to know about servers. This is a multi-player word game for the iphone and android.

Here are the rules;

A word game where parties add a letter but do not want to complete the spelling of the word.

Minimum of 2 players

Set up with 3-7 letter minimum

If player gives last letter to complete the word, he gets a strike. 3 strikes and he is a ghost.

When you are a ghost, nobody can talk to you.
If you are a ghost and somebody talks to you anyway, the person who talked to you gets a strike and you get to get back into game.

The talker then gets a strike. The word at play is lost and a new word starts immediately.

Winner is last man standing

Built in dictionary

Because bluffing is a part of the game, we do not want an auto check built in, but we do want a ‘challenge’ button that will check the integrity of the word.

When the word is complete, maybe an ‘x’ pops us along with a message that says you completed the word.

Ok to bluff

How do we play from different locations?

Timer built in? Host gets to decide on a 30, 60, 90 second cycle for the game for players to respond.

After 2 minutes of no response, player gets kicked out of game?

Override key for host in regards to timing?

Loser starts