Engineer - Camera design

Engineer - Camera design


Job Description

We are looking for a rounded engineer that can design the internals of a simple custom digital camera.

This is just the internal workings of the camera and not 3d design work. So you would be doing things like making focus and focal point calculations, selecting lens (or designing a custom lens), calculating resolution, selecting components like CCD, shutter and power.

You will also need to plan and advise the electronics and software to drive the camera, process the images and store the files.

This is a functional camera, it doesn’t have to be pretty on the outside and may not even have an outside shell. It will be housed in a simple metal square or rectangular frame.

2 positions
Depending on applications, we may hire two people, one for the optics calculations and design and another for the software / electronics portion of the project.

To apply:
- Please provide your resume
- Cover letter highlighting similar experiences
- Which position you are applying for (or let us know if you can do both)
- Cost. How much you charge to complete this work

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