Head of Data Engineering


Job Description

Can you think of a time that, by pure chance, you met someone who you had so much in common with it was uncanny? Did you call it serendipity, or luck? Imagine if meetings like those, meetings that would change the world, didn't happen only by chance. There is a massive challenge in social technology, not just to connect people who already know eachother via software, but to connect people who should know each other- to make destiny real, in code. That will truly change the world, bring the lonely visionaries together, and make collaboration possible on a grand scale to tackle greater challenges than is possible today.

Many call this the holy grail, and wonder if it can be done. People doubt big visions because they can't see themselves fulfilling them. Red Thread is an ambitious Los Angeles startup that can and will achieve the next step in social technology.

That's where you come in. Data mining, big data analysis, and algorithm development are the soul of Red Thread's ability to connect people. Like us, you are ambitious, and still have the ambition and slight naivety of a young genius who hasn't been told or scoffs at the idea that "it can't be done." You have the kind of drive and determination to change the state of the world. You are comfortable with being the center of massive disruption. You thrive on tough problems and uncharted territory. You are comfortable with success, but care about people and progress more than yourself.

Our advisors are among the most brilliant men in the world, who have already achieved the impossible before- the holder of the first patents for wearable computers, and the founder of a social network analysis company similar to Red Thread that connected Fortune 500 CEO's in the early 2000's.

You are:

Educated: whether you've earned a BS, and perhaps a PHd or two from in Computer Science and Neuroscience, or left the university system to master these topics at your own accelerated pace. You have delved deep into the cutting edge of scientific inquiry and skill.
Experienced: you've done it all before; data mining, data-intensive application development, databases, machine learning algorithms and statistics software (like R, SPlus, or MatLab), natural language processing, text mining, and knowledge representation. You can turn dumb data into smart data. You can create life from code.
Linguistic: you've mastered every language you've ever come across, from javascript to Perl. Your art is problem assassination, your canvas the product, and languages are merely brushes.
Adaptable: when a wall comes up, you think around it. You measure everything, and pivot around measurable feedback.
Responsible: You thrive on accountability, work your best on a small team with 100% honesty, and full ownership of your objectives. You are passionate about your work and can't leave an engineering problem alone until it's solved. You can share in the responsibility of using your domain knowledge to point a company the size of Google in the right direction.
Honest: You own your faults and failures, criticize your teammates when it's honest or necessary, and say what's on your mind right away. Simplicity is power, and this honest is the secret weapon of a startup.
You will:

Determine what data is necessary to determine the publicly known resources and opportunities held by an individual
Pull vast amounts of this data from many sources, like facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.
Extrapolate usable data from simple text, giving meaning to silly status posts
Index this data so it can be intelligently searched for the user's objectives
Make a search algorithm that shames every product manager who ever dropped keyword-matching search into their product and patted themselves on the back
Equal split equity with 2 other founders, salary of between $10 and $50/hr deferred until funding or profit as determined by Board of Directors(negotiable), reputation as foremost data scientist and expert in your field at Community Organizing conference in 2013, connection to our advisor network of billionaires and influential thought leaders, and the brothership of a loyal and passionate team.

Skills: engineering, software-development, analysis, patents, science, facebook, linkedin