Solaris 9 Printing

Solaris 9 Printing


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. Currently in our production environment we have Solaris 9 running and we need to be able to create multiple print queues that point to the shared network named printer on a Server 2008 box. UNIX printing has been enabled on the Server 2008 box so that is already set. However we need Solaris to print to the ‘share name’ of the printer NOT the IP address or port due to the fact we have a piece of software that reads the print jobs sent to that ‘shared printer’, translates the raw text from that job, and prints out to a printer I can then designate a multipart form. I just wanted to give you the whole process before we further engage.

We are not using the CUPS printing system on Solaris right now and cannot afford to transition to it unless we can be assured we don’t upset the current System V printing that goes on on a daily basis. We have a test server where I am able to use CUPS and set a printer up using the share name with no problem, so even if there was a way to route the print jobs via a print queue on the Production server through to the test server’s working CUPS’ print queue, I’ll even settle for that.

Also – Samba is enabled on the production server, so setting the printers up via Samba is also an option. If that could be done, that would work out as well. I’m open to any and all solutions, just so that in the end we have a fully documented step by stop solution on how to set up a Solaris 9 UNIX print queue that sends its jobs to a Windows 2008 server shared printer name.

Please advise. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Skills: solaris, unix