Seeking A Windows Pro Developer for proof of concept

Seeking A Windows Pro Developer for proof of concept

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Job Description

I would like to hire a very knowledgeable windows developer to help me solve a problem and help establish a proof of concept. The job is to write 2 simple Windows applications. (Client and Server)

-The Client Application sends keyboard strokes and mouse clicks over a network to a given ip and port to the server application

- The server application listens for events coming from the remote. It then takes the keyboard strokes and mice clicks and passes those to a given background window or background thread. It must send the keystrokes in such a manner as to not bring the window into focus or otherwise change any of the focus properties of any windows.

This problem has proven to be quite confounding and I am pulling my hair out to solve it. If there are any gurus out there who is up for the challenge, please give me a bid.

BTW, no cheating by using a virtual machine. Also we do not have access to the source code for the application.

EDIT: to further clarify the specific application is a flash based form that runs inside an activeX control inside a window. But I would like to design it so that the solution works for any type of form inside a window. Would need to find a way to send the equivalent of a keyboard stroke to the location that the text cursor would be if the window were in focus. Sending as an actual keyboard press doesnt work because it only works with the window that is in focus.

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