Evangelist for An Arduino Related Product (for North America)


Job Description

Need of an enthusiastic Arduino maker/builder to help introduce a very powerful, thumb-sized 32bit Arduino compatible development board to North American Arduino or microcontroller development board users.

The 38mm x 18mm development board features: 100MHz 32bit RISC / FPU + 1MByte Flash + 212KByte RAM + 2 UART + 2 SPI + 1 PWM + 17 GPIO + GPS Receiver.

Priced $12 (if without GPS active antenna). The (performance + feature) over price ratio is much higher than any Arduino-related development boards seen on Kickstarter (Digispark, Microduino, Tinyduino, Galago, Teensy 3.0...).

The goal is to have 250 new North American backers (contributors) for this NavSpark campaign in 10 days, with $500 for compensation. If goal is not reached or if exceeded, compensation is proportional-wise; i.e. $400 compensation for 200 new contributors, $2000 for 1000 new contributors.

NavSpark campaign webpage: http://bit.ly/1dBpits