Remote Digital Bookkeeper Required for Business/Personal Accounts


Job Description

Thanks for looking at our job posting.

We are looking for an experienced bookkeeper with:
1. an understanding of Sage accounting software
2. a system of providing remote bookkeeping services through digital scans, csv files etc.

The successful candidate should understand the principals introduced in books by Robert Kiyosaki and Tom Wheelwright.

We have five financial channels expenses,, income and debt which we need to organize in order to eliminate all debt which does not return income to us.

==> Corporate: a Canadian federally incorporated company with a newly launched division (2 channels)
==> Personal: with household expenses/liabilities, MLM consultancy expenses & income, long term investment premiums (3 channels)

We look forward to further discussions with bookkeepers who understand where we are going and have the skills to help us get there from their remote location.

To make sure we only consider applicants with attention to detail please type "cashflow" at the beginning of your application. We will only consider applications following this request.

Looking forward to your qualified application

Best Regards