Photo editing, collecting pictures.


Job Description

Hello Odesk Contractors,

I am looking for a picture editing person. I will need this contractor or agency to handle lots of work.

You will be given and excel sheet and you will have to collect high resolution images from these excel sheets.

After images have been collected. 2 of 5 images will need to be edited.

The images have heads and the head will need to be cut of to the neck.

You will be given a dropbox folder where to put the images. Every item has a model number and images have to be saved there. If image is not provided in the excel file then contractor will be responsible for finding the pictures online.

This is a simple task and will take a long time and keep you busy. Future jobs opportunities available. We have taken care of every contractor.

This will be a part time job for a very long time.

The budget is $10 for every 120 images.

You will be paid every 500 images. which is 42 but we will pay 45.

This project is very easy.

Bonuses will be given weekly if quotas are met.