Project Leads 01

Project Leads 01


Job Description

What I need:

1200 Direct Contact Names and Mailing addresses to the heads of award/ recognition programs/ events of companies, organizations, associations, sports teams that are located in USA and give out awards and recognition products.

What I need:
- Name of the Company/ Network Marketing Agency/ Association/ Organization/ Sports Team

- Name of all of the Award/ Recognition Programs and the awards that are given out in for their events

- Event Dates (Dates of the events for when the awards are given out) **If applicable **

- Direct Contact(s) that is head of each EACH Recognition Program and award(s) given out.

Please note: Sometimes there are multiple individuals that handle various awards. Please provide the name of each contact (that handles each award) along with their direct contact info.

- Direct Contact Info {Name (FIRST and LAST name)/ Direct phone # with extension/ Direct email address}

- Mailing Address to the to the direct contacts of each award/recognition program.
This entails:
Company Name
Attn To:
Street number
Street Name
Suite/ Floor **If Applicable **
City, State, Zip code

Please provide everything in an excel spreadsheet. I am looking for this project to be completed within two weeks.

Skills: sports, marketing