Job Description

We are looking for some one who can create a print driver (Windows+MacOSX) that can post a PDF-file to a specified ftp. When the print driver is installed customer need to register for an account - web-based, where customer can buy credits. So when the print driver is used, the customer should the "charged" by number of pages multiplied with the no. of copies - i.e. a word document is 10 pages and he need 10 copies - credit is deducted by 10 x 10 = 100.

Customer shoule be able to login to his account and see history of jobs posted (dates, no. of pages and copies).

When the print driver is accessed we also would like the print driver to be branded - so we from the backend are able to put a logo to the driver and of course customer should be able to see credit left and access buy more credits directly from the driver!

Not sure about budget and skills required for this, so please feel free to enlighten me. :-)