SOFTWARE/WEB APP: Combination of Wolfram Alpha & Google Analytics

SOFTWARE/WEB APP: Combination of Wolfram Alpha & Google Analytics


Job Description

CONCEPT (what I need built): Need a simplified Wolfram Alpha style web app / software for professionals, business and industry on a wide range business/industry marketing and operational activity (displayed in google analytics type dashboard accounts). Website uses a range of software technologies including data mining/scraping, algorythms and fuzzy logic to digest existing reports, web traffic on social media and professional blog sites into meaningful, integrated and live business data.

Basically a software/web app with the analytical capabilities of wolfram alpha, information access similar to wikipedia, and collective data analysis from google analytics. Use of API's to existing web apps / sites is ok and the use of alternative sites with intelligent data analysis and parsing function which might be a function the software might have: taken from this list: is also ok.

The core functional components will be mostly built using wikipedia API and since wolfram alpha has also one available, I will also be using their existing API. We go direct to wikipedia and wolfram alpha and avoid third party data retrieval so we have the most correct data.

Basically I want users to e able to enter a business/professional question into a box on the main screen (like google) of the software / web app and for the the software's algorithms and data mining / parsing back-end to spit out a series of answers (like googles search results) based on key words in user's initial query.

Hope all that makes sense.......

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