Bilingual SEM expert for e-commerce/ Traditional Chinese/ cantonese


Job Description

We're an online store based in Hong Kong, with a bi-lingual English/ Traditional Chinese website.

We're looking for an SEM expert who has experience with e-commerce businesses. The scope of work is as follows:

1) create ad group for each brand/category or update ad groups based on brands/ categories on our website. We already have most ad groups already set up, so need to fill in the blanks
2) review ALL ads to ensure that all brand keywords show ad for that brand and land on the right brand page on our website
- similarly review all ads to ensure all category keywords to show ad for brand and land on the category page
3) optimise bids - reduce bids on low competition keywords, increase bids on high competition keywords, and reduce overall cost per click
4) review competition ads, particularly chinese websites, and adopt best practices
5) review all existing ads for performance in terms of
- CTRs
- bounce rates
- conversions
5) replicate all english ads in traditional chinese for hong kong cantonese customers
6) replicate all ads in google adwords account in yahoo ads account
optimise bids separately for google and yahoo ads, based on competition in each network

My preference is to find someone in/from Hong Kong who understands this market, but I'm open to an SEM expert who doesn't have any Chinese skills, (I can get translators). But thats my backup option. My first option is to get a Bilingual SEM expert.

Skills: english, yahoo

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