Apple motion 5

Apple motion 5


Job Description

I'm looking for someone who can work with this Apple motion 5 template:
Most of this project is just plugging in content into a Motion 5 template with the exception of the reveals, this will need some creativity.


The ability to use apple motion 5
Add 120 HD video's using drop zone (use any HD american sports, newscasters, entertainment, etc that you can find).
Add logo & key words in the beginning of video (.03)
Edit template to about .25 and then cut to about 1.11 where it starts to zoom in and add a commercial (we will provide)
Add logo in the bottom of reel and edited text at the end of template (1.27 to For more information please visit us at
Add Vo (this is already completed and we can email it to you
Add music (we have already purchased the music from audiojungle

Add reveals/graphics that match this theme after 1.18 (we have the script for this it's not very long, it's about 5-6 words) We need some creativity on this!

Curent template is about 1.27, we want to reduce it down to about 45-50sec


Skills: video