Server Load/Connections/Status Script

Server Load/Connections/Status Script


Job Description

I run a android file hosting site
Very popular and now has 8 servers across the US, CA & Europe.
RIght now the script we built checks the 8 servers for the files and reports back if it has it or not. Then displays the list of available servers to download from.

This is great and works perfectly but I really want a way to display each servers load. Kind of like the old filefront game site had where it gave you a list of mirrors and showed which one had the least amount of traffic/connections.

So i want to be able to display something like that. I have apache status extended on every server so I can grab the connections that way but want the nice graphic bar showing the connections/busyness of the server.

That way the user know which one has the least traffic and can possibly get the best speeds.

Hard to explain but if you dont get it let me know and ill find you a example.

Please include how you will achieve this, method, programing etc.

Skills: apache