Freelancers Needed for Human Photography to 3D Model Conversion


Job Description


To all 3D design enthusiasts who would like to make some money during their free time,

We are launching a photo to 3D printing service for human figurines only. Due to the lack of accuracy in current available software and low level of 3D basic information in our consumer group we need your help. We simply look for candidates who will be willing to help us in converting user submitted images to 3D meshes (.stl files). We will gather user-uploads in a shared location and you will be able to request "Tasks" from the pool of uploads. Each task consists of :

1) Creating a realistic face mesh
2) Adding the face to the user selected body model
3) Checking STL file for being watertight, hollow and single surface
4) Sending the file via upload or direct mail to us

Please note that this is a first mover project in a country mostly new to 3D, thus we are NOT asking for picture-perfect and 100% accurate designs. We will pay $30 per task but we are also open to negotiation once we see your work and completion lead time. We would also like to underline that we are not looking for "one-time worker" type of freelancers. Instead, we wish to keep our team members stable and we would introduce monthly bonuses in the future based on work quality.

You can find detailed informative document and sample tasks in the link below. Please review the files and provide sample project (image files, etc.) if you are interested in working with us.

Kind regards,

Zury3D recruitment team