All skills Welcome, Agency looking for team players.

All skills Welcome, Agency looking for team players.


Job Description

All skills Welcome, Agency looking for team players.

Sample of Skilled Individuals Needed: (But looking for all Skilled Team Players)

SEO-Search Engine Optimization, SMM-Social Media Marketing, Website Development, Web Design, Mobile Applications, DBA-Database Management, Customer Service, Phone Support, Technical Support, Personal Assistants, Data Entry, Web Research, Advertising, Market Research, Email Marketing, Sales & Lead Generation, Graphic Designers, Logo Design, Print design, Video production, Audio production, Voice Talent, Video Talent

Looking for freelancers that want to join our agency to be part of our TEAM.

Requirements: RELIABLE, EAGER TO WORK, DEDICATED TO WORK IN PROFESSIONAL MANNER, CARING TO THE CLIENS NEEDS. Great Internet connection Well versed in English (both understanding and speaking) English writing skills. Other languages are a plus for translations and other projects but not necessary.

In your Application answer these questions (No answers means your spamming):
In Subject Line write: Application
1. How long does it take you to reply to emails?
2. What are your availabilities?
3. How much is your lowest rate?
4. What are your Skills?
5. Would you like to be part of a Team?
6. Do you have a Skype account or Google Hangouts account? Give user name for Interview.
7. Are you available for a 15mins interview?
8. What date & time?