CNC - Turn Tank Tread STL into 2D .DXF Formatted Molds - CNC Machining - +Bonus!

CNC - Turn Tank Tread STL into 2D .DXF Formatted Molds - CNC Machining - +Bonus!


Job Description


We are looking for a *2D* CNC DXF file programmer. The job is URGENT and WILL pay well for a job well done.

We have created tank treads (sample attached to job listing - more upon request) that we would like to have turned into sectional modular molds that interconnect together (If you cannot figure out the interconnecting part that is OK).

Your Task: Your job is to take these tank treads and make them into *DOUBLE SIDED* modular molds.

**If you try importing the STL file into solid works - the units are in mm not inches as it will make by default.**

Here are the requirements we need from you if we hire you. There is a bonus for exceptional work.

1. We need a female mold, male mold, and center (body mold)(See sample attached). Center mold will need open ends so that we can add more centers to the molds to make custom sizes. Each mold (Male,Female,Body) are 5" long. The rest of the measurements are all detailed in the STL (quickly upload into Tinkercad to find all measurements if you'd like).
2. The molds must be able to lock in together very tightly so liquid rubber doesn't escape them.
3. You must ensure that the top and bottom molds for each mold (male, female, center) lock together flawlessly so that we do not have any leakage of liquid rubber.
4. As we have sent you almost "Perfect" molds, we expect you to rectify any inconsistencies that we may have missed.
5. Please make the entire thickness of the tread BELT (body part excluding Paddles and teeth) is 15% less thick overall.
6. Note, that our liquid rubber pouring technique calls for us to pour the mold into the treads from the side. i.e. when you put the bottom and top together and flip it on it's side, one side and the entire length will be open, so we can pour rubber in and let the mold cure sitting on it's side.


It looks like there are a couple of minor errors in the STL’s:
1) On male piece, the added length may be off by just a 1/10th of a mm or so

2) On the female piece, it looks like one off the negatives may also be off by 1/10th of a mm or so. Hard to determine with the software I have.

We will also expect at least one round of revisions after we have cut and molded our first tank treads, to ensure perfection.


Upon completion within 48 hours: Contract price + $20.00
Upon Successful Molding of first Treads : Contract price + $20.00

Email me at wunderwalk24 at GMAIL dot com AND apply via ODESK.

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