Job Description

Hi, we are FOCii:

And we are starting a huge online store for 3d products, like models, animations, etc..
The store will open in 2-3months and we are looking for the finest 3d contributors to this store.

1. We are looking into something in the range of, but not that immense:

2. What sets us apart is the fact that our 3D work will sell at a high and good rate than other sites, so it is worth your time, from minimum of $350 to $3,500 per model

3. If selected we shall sign a payment, work contract

4. Payments would be automatic via PayPal every time someone buys your work, you get an alert message saying client 'x' bought your work

5. Our percentage would be 25% for all sales {$350 to $3,500 per model}

6. Once selected we shall discuss what products we need on that store

7. Marketing will be for industrial companies in the U.S and indeed global, so marketing crew will be hard at work focused on selling these work

8. Once in a while we may also sub-contract work to you from high end corporate clients

9. Please send 3D GOOD PORTFOLIO, we see what you have going and if you are a good fit


Skills: autodesk-autocad

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