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Job Description

Hi there ...

At the moment ... my company buys advertising traffic on google, bing and facebook.

Google, Bing and Facebook have reviews, user agents, and web crawlers.

My company has a in house tracking solution - where we cloak IP's
of these reviewers, user agents and web crawlers.

I am looking for someone to create an IP generator that always
provides the newest IP's that need to be cloaked.

Or, if someone can find these IP's online for me, that would work
as well.

Basically, how the cloaking works, is when my tracking technology
recognizes these IP's, they are sent to a "website" that the search
engine or facebook wants to see.

All other IP's that are NOT on this list, go to a different web page.

Please contact me if you know where to find these IP's ... or have
a means of creating a IP generator that scrapes and finds these
IP's on goingly.


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