Thermal heat sink simulation

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Job Description

Simulate a thermal heat sink (aluminum extrusion) with deep fins using a simulator or methodology that includes natural convection and computational thermodynamics for a commercial product.

ODesk doesn`t really have a good category for this...

I'm not to the point where I want to write software for this, I am hoping to find someone that has access to a thermal simulation package.

I may get to the point where I need to have software written for it, but it's quite complex. For example, a simulator would have to consider the fluid dynamics of natural convection within a long thin vertical channel, considering viscosity of the air, and displacement due to minute density differences related to heating, then relate that to the heat carrying capacity of the air to determine the dissapative ability of the heat sink . It would have to consider conduction through the heat sink, then all the computed fluid dynamics to arrive at a plausible surface temperatures, then it would have to be validated against a real-world test.

All this in three dimensions, too.