In need of a Writer to rewrite 2 Biology Standrad Level Test Papers

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I have two IB Biology exams that needs to be rewritten.
I need to get all the questions rewritten in a similar fashion, so that I can publish them as my own material (they are currently copyright).
The images needed to be redone as well.


-Proficient in Technical Writing
-No grammatical errors
-Be able to meet deadline

To test your ability, I would need you two rewrite the two questions below and put it at the top of your cover letter:

1.) What would be the expected result if a woman carrier for colour blindness and a colour blind man had many children?

2.) In peas, tall is dominant to dwarf. In a cross between a dwarf plant and a heterozygous tall plant. What percentage of the offspring will be dwarf?