Queuing Theory/AI for Airline Screening Staff Allocation


Job Description


I am a high end Ruby on Rails developer who has no experience in AI or Queuing Theory. I am interested in bidding on a project that will predict the amount of staff with be required to do security screening at airports. It is done in a non-realtime fashion. The idea is to take the input from some available data sources (outgoing flight data in the next few months, historical number of people through screening etc) and produce a csv of expected rate of flow coming to a screening checkpoint in 15 minute increments for the next 12 months.

I feel the simplest solution would be a Rails server that takes the inputs from the user, parses them and drops them in a MySQL/Postgresql database. R can then grab the data from the db and spit out the forecast.

This is simply an expression of interest to see if there is someone out there with availability who has the experience required.

In your application, please specify:
1) Your feeling on the architecture of the system
2) Your education and experience in areas as close to this as possible.
3) Your availability from Feb until April

Thanks for checking this out!

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