Healthcare Facility Consultant


Job Description

Hourly Rate: $1.00 - $12.00 per hour

I need a paper written about a profit health living facility...

A proposal written convincing the investors why they should give you the $3million dollars to open your facility.

What amenities would the facility have,how many elders would be living there,what would be provided, how would this facility be better then the other.etc...

The name of the facility would be "Helping hand from the heart"

5 locations

-Fort Lauderdale
-Pembroke Pines
-Deerfield Beach

Mission Statement would be be: Provide best quality care for elders with passion and dignity

Font size: 12
Font: New Roman

2 pages


As president of the facility what would your role/duties be....
Examples...delegate work, make sure organization if being ran accordingly, make sure we have all the state,federal and county licenses etc...