Commercial (Contract) Interior Design

Commercial (Contract) Interior Design


Job Description

Design Concept for GO-Science

We are a nonprofit science and technology education center that provides hands-on educational programming for children and adults in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

We are opening a new facility in the downtown area of Greenville, NC (a traditional southern university town with tobacco heritage and a growing science and medical industrial sector). The new facility is opening in three phases and we need assistance with the interior design of the first phase.

We have a contractor but now they are asking us to pick out all of these colors and materials for the space and I am at a loss for how to bring everything together.

We want the space to be future-forward, sleek, modern, and fun (but not childish). We also have to be a little traditional because of the area where we live. (IE: I suggested a green roof for the building and everyone looked at me like I had lost my mind…).

The enclosed review set details the space and the revised floor plan document shows where we had to make modifications because of a newly discovered load-bearing wall that forced us to shift and compress everything along the side wall to include only one larger office and one open conferencing/work area. Sorry this is crude, we had to make changes on the fly to the space layout.

I would like to see about including two workstations in the larger office but I am not sure how best to do that. We are volunteer run so we have a lot of people coming in and out working on different things so they need workstation flexibility.

As far as the spaces programming, people will enter and check-in at reception. Reception will also serve to check people out with purchase from a small store. The large area is a mixed-use area that is designed to be set-up multiple ways (seminar (pictured in review set), auditorium, activity stations (tables around perimeter), and meeting (tables in rectangle). There are two large LCD panels on the wall.

In the back is the Director’s office, followed by storage, a small kitchenette with vending/sink, two ADA restrooms and water coolers. Then the large office I mentioned followed by a conferencing/working area. We want to have an LCD here as well as a table for a 3D printer. Then you are back at reception. There is also a rear-finished entrance into the facility (per fire code). The other spaces on the review set are not being used in this phase. The rear area is going to be storage.

Many different user groups, from families with children, professional adults, donors and advisors, and the elderly, will use the space. Therefore, the materials need to be very durable, easy to clean and maintain, and be pleasing to a very broad demographic.

I have also included a front elevation of the facility. We are redoing the façade of the building and this is what it will look like. I also included two of our brochures so you can get an idea of the “look” of the GO-Science Brand. You can also visit our website at as well.

The brochures show the rendering of the facility once all three phases have been completed so this along with the included elevation gives you an idea of what the facility will look like now and the general look that we are moving towards once all phases are completed.

Materials Budget

• Flooring & Baseboard - $8,500.00
- Baseboard Design and Color - Prefer Wood-based?
- Bathroom Tile/Laminate Selection - Type/Color?
- Carpet - Need Easy to Clean, High Durability, Kids and Adults?

• Interior Doors, Frames, and Hardware - $6,267.00
- Door color and type?
- Prefer silver hardware

• Cabinet and Counter Allowance - $7,000.00
- For Kitchenette - Color/Design/Type?
- For Reception - Color/Type/Design?

• Paint Color - What color? All the same/different in offices/etc?

• Office Furniture - Possible Steelcase Furniture Donation

Above are the key items that we need to make decisions on now. The big ones are the flooring, baseboard, paint, and doors, as these have to be ordered now. We still have some time on the office furniture and we are working to try and get a donation of office furniture from Steelcase through one of our local furniture companies.

Please see the attached PDF for additional information.

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