System and Networking Specialist / IT Specialist


Job Description

I am looking for an independent contractor that can be trusted in System and Networking management, maintenance and troubleshooting.

It's a newly established business in New York and we are currently on the process of collecting qualified people who can help us run the company smoothly.

We need people who can do the said job "as is" and who are knowledgeable enough on the said position. We will not entertain people who cannot prove themselves in the beginning.

We will conduct a thorough interview and some sets of examination to qualify the candidates.

A long term commitment is expected once hired, salary starting offer is $250 per month. If the performance is above average and contributes a huge improvement in business then we are open for arrangements.

We need people that has a lot of patience and dedication to his job. Availability is a must on working schedule. We are operating in Eastern Time Zone so please make sure that when you applied on this, you can certainly comply.

We are not requiring a native american accent but we are looking for people who can deliver his/herself clear, precise and professional.

For interested applicants you can send your messages here or an email at: for further info.

Skills: network-solutions, management